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Animal Planet TV Personality

Dave Salmoni: Biography at a Glance

  • Hosts “Expedition Impossible” on ABC
  • Appeared in “Animal Face-Off,” “Rogue Nature,” “After the Attack” and “Into the Pride,” which aired on the Discovery channel and Animal Planet
  • Hosted and produced several TV documentaries including “Living With Tigers,” “Into the Lion's Den” and “Sharks: Are They Hunting Us?”
  • Makes regular appearances on talk shows including “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” “Larry King Now,” “Conan” and “Good Morning America”
  • Runs a South Africa-based production company, Triosphere, which specializes in wildlife films
Animal Planet TV Personality

Dave Salmoni is a Canadian animal trainer, entertainer, host and producer. He has his own production company, Triosphere, which is based in South Africa and specializes in wildlife films. Salmoni has hosted and produced several television documentaries, including: Living with Tigers, Into the Lion's Den and Sharks: Are They Hunting Us? All three documentaries aired on the Discovery Channel. Salmoni has since starred as a host and expert on Discovery and Animal Planet’s shows Animal Face-Off, Rogue Nature, After the Attack, and Into the Pride. He also hosted Expedition Impossible, a Mark Burnett show on ABC. Salmoni is regularly featured on numerous talk shows, including Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Larry King Now, Conan and Good Morning America.

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