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Writer and Feminist Activist

Gloria Steinem: Biography at a Glance

  • Nationally recognized leader of the women’s liberation movement in the 1970s and she continues to advocate for equality for all today
  • Co-founder and editor of the liberal feminist magazine "Ms."
  • Author of the bestsellers "Revolution from Within" and "Marilyn"
  • Helped found the Women’s Action Alliance, National Women’s Political Caucus, Voters for Choice, and Ms. Foundation for Women
  • Earned the Penney-Missouri Journalism Award, an Emmy Citation for excellence in television writing and the Society of Writers Award from the United Nations
Writer and Feminist Activist

Gloria Steinem is a writer, lecturer, editor, and feminist activist. She travels throughout the country and world as an organizer and lecturer. She specializes in the shared origins of sex and race caste systems, gender roles and child abuse as roots of violence, non-violent conflict resolution, the cultures of indigenous peoples and organizing across boundaries for peace and justice.

In 1972, she co-founded the liberal feminist magazine Ms. serving as one of its editors for over fifteen years. She continues to serve as a consulting editor for the publication. In 1968, she helped to found New York magazine, where she was a political columnist and feature writer. As a freelance writer, she has been published in Esquire, The New York Times Magazine and Glamour.

Her books include the bestsellers Revolution from Within: A Book of Self-Esteem, Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions, Moving Beyond Words and Marilyn: Norma Jean, on the life of Marilyn Monroe. Her writing also appears in many anthologies and textbooks; and she was an editor of The Reader’s Companion to U.S. Women’s History.

Steinem helped to found the Women’s Action Alliance, a pioneering national information center that specialized in nonsexist, multiracial children’s education, and the National Women’s Political Caucus, a group that continues to work to advance the numbers of pro-equality women in elected and appointed office at a national and state level. She was president and co-founder of Voters for Choice, a pro-choice political action committee for twenty-five years, then with the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. She was also co-founder of Choice USA, a national organization that supports young pro-choice leadership and works to preserve comprehensive sex education in schools. She was the founding president of the Ms. Foundation for Women, a national multi-racial, multi-issue fund that supports grassroots projects to empower women and girls. Now, she is working with the Sophia Smith Collection at Smith College on a project to document the origins of the U.S. women’s movement.

As a writer, Steinem has received a number of prestigious awards including the Penney-Missouri Journalism Award, the Front Page and Clarion awards, National Magazine awards, an Emmy Citation for excellence in television writing, the Women’s Sports Journalism Award, the Society of Writers Award from the United Nations and the Lifetime Achievement in Journalism Award from the Society of Professional Journalists.

Steinem graduated from Smith College in 1956. She has received the first Doctorate of Human Justice awarded by Simmons College, the Bill of Rights Award from the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, the National Gay Rights Advocates Award and the Ceres Medal from the United Nations. Biography magazine listed her as one of the "25 Most Influential Women in America." In 1993, she was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, New York. She has been the subject of three biographical television documentaries, including HBO’s Gloria: In Her Own Words. In 1993, she co-produced and narrated the Emmy Award winning TV documentary for HBO, Multiple Personalities: The Search for Deadly Memories.

She currently lives in New York City.

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