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Award-Winning Journalist

Martin Bashir: Biography at a Glance

  • BBC News correspondent
  • Hosted the daily MSNBC show “Martin Bashir” and worked as a correspondent on “Dateline NBC”
  • Gained prominence for his interviews with Princess Diana and Michael Jackson
  • Has won five Royal Television Society awards and two Broadcasting Press Guild awards
Award-Winning Journalist

Martin Bashir is an award-winning journalist who formerly hosted his own show on MSNBC weekdays. Bashir joined NBC News as an anchor and a correspondent on Dateline NBC in December 2010, staying with the team until late 2013.

Bashir has lived and worked in New York since 2004, when he joined ABC News as co-anchor of Nightline. He has made a number of critically acclaimed documentaries. His first, featured evidence of steroid abuse by Olympic athletes and included an exclusive interview with BALCO President Victor Conte. The documentary provoked the Senate to investigate the use of performance enhancing substances by baseball players and other American sportsmen and women. The BALCO film won an award at the Chicago TV and Film Festival.

His other contributions to Nightline include the confessions of a soldier in Iraq (exclusively interviewed from his prison cell in Kuwait) who has since been sentenced to life imprisonment for the pre-meditated murder of Iraqi civilians and an exclusive interview with legendary baseball player Jose Conseco, who confessed to supplying performance-enhancing drugs to a number of fellow professionals.

Prior to joining ABC News, and whilst working for the BBC, he conducted his now historic conversation with the late Diana, Princess of Wales, which remains the only television interview with her. He secured an exclusive interview with Louise Woodward who was found guilty of murder – later reduced to involuntary manslaughter – while she was working as an au pair in Boston.

In the wake of terrorist attacks in the United States on 9/11, Martin Bashir reported and presented an ITV special entitled “A Day in September,” which comprised of a detailed account of the 11th of September. The film was given special commendation by the Independent Television Commission, which regulates ITV and was nominated for a Royal Television Society Award.

In 2003, Martin Bashir’s documentary “Living with Michael Jackson” featured exclusive and extraordinary access to one of the biggest stars of the modern musical world and was broadcast in over 60 international territories.

Martin has also won a number of other awards for his work, including three BAFTA nominations, five Royal Television Society awards, and two Broadcasting Press Guild Awards, and he has collected a BAFTA award for his interview with the late Princess Diana. He was the Royal Television Society’s Journalist of the Year in 1996. In 1998, he was voted Journalist of the Year by the BBC’s International Awards.

Over his distinguished career, he has written for a variety of publications including The Financial Times, The Sunday Times, The Standard, The Sunday Express, The Tatler and a sports column in The Observer.

Born in 1963, he completed a first degree in English and post-graduate research at Kings College in London. He is married with three children, is a keen sportsman, and plays the electric bass. He supports the work of Charley’s Fund, a charitable organization, which is seeking to find a cure for Muscular Dystrophy (he had a brother who died from the condition).

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