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Author, "The Emerging Markets Century"

At a Glance

Antoine van Agtmael : Biography at a Glance

  • Antoine van Agtmael is an expert on the Global Economic Outlook
  • Senior Advisor at Garten Rothkopf
  • Coined the term "emerging markets," new powerhouses in the world economy 
  • Principal founder, former CEO and CIO of Emerging Markets Management LLC, a leading investment management firm for emerging market equities 
  • From the lectern, he divulges emerging markets' strategies for growth and analyzes how their rise to dominance will change our lives 

Each year we are buying more planes from Brazil's Embraer, refrigerators from China's Haier appliance maker, smart cell phones from Taiwan's HTC, and gas from Russia's Gazprom. How have these relative unknowns come so far in the world markets so fast? What are they doing right that their Western competitors are doing wrong, and how can Western companies face the intensifying challenges and survive?

With his in depth, inside knowledge of these emerging powerhouses, based on thirty years of working, traveling and investing in emerging markets and extraordinary access to the leading companies, van Agtmael trains his experienced analyst's eye on twenty five of the top emerging giants, taking readers into the executive suites and labs where they are outmaneuvering their Western rivals. Profiling these major players, such as Korean's Samsung Electronics, China's computer maker Lenovo, Brazil's iron ore giant CVRD, and India's Infosys, he divulges their strategies for growth, and also analyses how their rise to dominance will change our lives. His unique insights point the way to how we in the West can capitalize on the opportunities these companies represent while also mobilizing a powerful response to the challenges they present.

Antoine van Agtmael is Senior Advisor at Garten Rothkopf. Prior to joining Garten Rothkopf, he was the principal founder, CEO and CIO of Emerging Markets Management LLC (and later chairman of AshmoreEMM), a leading investment management firm for emerging market equities. He was also a founding director of the Strategic Investment Group. Before founding EMM in 1987, Mr. van Agtmael was Deputy Director of the Capital Markets department of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), where he coined the term “emerging markets.” He was also a Division Chief in the World Bank's borrowing operations, Managing Director of Thailand's leading merchant bank TISCO, and Vice President at Bankers Trust Company.


He was great! The comments we’ve heard from CEMIG’s point of view and our clients confirm that! Besides the presentation itself, Antoine is very charismatic and he was very nice to everyone.

Suzana Pereira de Noronha Goncalves

If anyone knows emerging markets, it’s Antoine van Agtmael. Having invented the term, he’s now written the book! Immensely readable and thoroughly researched, it’s packed with useful insights and brings to life the strategic innovators behind the companies that are helping reshape the world.

President, Strobe Talbott
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