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Professor of Marketing at NYU’s Stern School of Business and CNN+ host

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    Professor Scott Galloway: Biography at a Glance

    • Scott Galloway is a Professor of Marketing at NYU’s Stern School of Business and a serial entrepreneur.
    • He has founded nine companies, including Prophet, Red Envelope, L2, and Section4, and was named one of the world’s best business professors by Poets & Quants.
    • Galloway is the New York Times bestselling author of The Four, The Algebra of HappinessPost Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity, and Adrift: America in 100 Charts.
    • He has served on the boards of directors of The New York Times Company, Urban Outfitters, and Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.
    • His award-winning Prof G and Pivot podcasts, No Mercy / No Malice blog, and Prof G YouTube channel reach millions.
    • Adweek awarded Pivot the Business Podcast of the Year.



    Scott Galloway is a serial entrepreneur and a professor of marketing at the Leonard N. Stern School of Business of New York University (NYU). Poets & Quants named him one of the “world’s best business professors.”

    Mr. Galloway has founded nine companies, including Prophet, a global brand strategy consultancy with 250+ professionals; Red Envelope, an e-commerce firm; L2, a subscription business intelligence firm serving prestige brands; and Section4, which equips curious, ambitious thinkers with the business know-how they need to excel.

    He is the bestselling author of The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google; The Algebra of Happiness: Notes on the Pursuit of Success, Love, and Meaning; and Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity; and Adrift: America in 100 Charts.

    Mr. Galloway has served on the boards of The New York Times Company, Urban Outfitters, and the Haas School of Business of the University of California, Berkeley. His Prof G and Pivot podcasts, No Mercy/No Malice blog, and Prof G YouTube channel reach an audience of millions. Galloway has won multiple Webby and Best Business Podcast awards.


    The New Abnormalarrow-down

    Professor Galloway presents his insights and analysis of the post-pandemic economy, unpacking current market conditions and their implications for public companies, startups, and individuals. Professor Galloway also offers his take on remote work, supply chain, the attention economy, and finishes with reflections on loneliness, community, and the importance of making the most out of each moment.

    Underhyped vs. Overhypedarrow-down

    Since the Covid pandemic began, we’ve seen an unprecedented acceleration in business, education, and technology. Prof Galloway cuts through the noise and highlights the products and trends that are receiving too much vs. too little attention and investment. He discusses creative solutions in health tech, higher education, transportation, financial technology, and related fields that will shape the next decade and beyond.

    Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunityarrow-down

    The COVID-19 outbreak has turned bedrooms into offices, pitted young against old, and widened the gaps between rich and poor, red and blue, the mask wearers and the mask haters. Some businesses--like home exercise company Peloton, video conference software maker Zoom, and Amazon--woke up to find themselves crushed under an avalanche of consumer demand. Others--like the restaurant, travel, hospitality, and live entertainment industries--scrambled to escape obliteration.

    In this talk, New York Times bestselling author Scott Galloway discusses how the pandemic has not been a change agent so much as an accelerant of trends already well underway. He outlines the contours of the crisis and the opportunities that lie ahead. Combining his signature humor and brash style with sharp business insights and the occasional dose of righteous anger, Galloway offers his audience both warning and hope in equal measure. 

    He was excellent and our teams haven’t stopped talking about his presentation and that he was a highlight of the conference. He was fantastic!!!

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