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Emmy Award-Winning Filmmaker, Actor, Singer & Writer 

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Dyllón Burnside: Biography at a Glance

  • Dyllón Burnside is an Emmy award-winning filmmaker, actor, singer, and writer best known for his starring role as "Ricky" on Ryan Murphy’s Emmy nominated FX series, Pose.
  • In 2021, he also joined the cast of the FX anthology series American Horror Stories produced by Ryan Murphy.
  • He made his Broadway debut, starring as "Anthony" in Holler if Ya Hear Me, and returned to the Broadway stage in Thoughts of a Colored Man.
  • Other credits include NBC’s "Peter Pan Live!" and the HBO series High Maintenance
  • As a singer and songwriter, Burnside has released two chart-topping solo singles, “Silence” and “Heaven” for his debut EP.
  • He has been honored by GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign for his continuing dedication to LGBTQ+ rights and received a Daytime Emmy for Prideland, a one-hour digital series he produced for PBS.



Emmy award-winning filmmaker, actor, singer, and writer, Dyllón Burnside is best known to audiences for his performance as "Ricky" in Ryan Murphy’s Emmy nominated FX series, Pose. He is currently shooting roles in Ryan Murphy’s upcoming series Monster opposite Evan Peters and the American Horror Stories anthology series.

Following graduating from The New School in NYC, Dyllón captivated audiences with his Broadway debut, starring in 2014’s Holler if Ya Hear Me, a hip-hop musical inspired by the music and lyrics of Tupac Shakur. He will return to the Broadway stage this fall in the highly-anticipated new production of Thoughts of a Colored Man.

The Pensacola, Florida native began performing professionally at the age of 12 as a member of the Hip-Hop/R&B boy band 3D. He has toured the country performing original music alongside folks like Stevie Wonder and Rihanna in such venues as Madison Square Garden and the Nokia Theater.  Burnside has performed at the US Opens Men’s final as well as headlined and produced a sold-out benefit concert for GLSEN at the Cutting Room in New York City. As a singer/songwriter Dyllón has released 2 solo singles "Silenceand "Heaven" the latter of which features British singer/songwriter Daley. He is currently finishing up his debut EP.  

Dyllón recently hosted Prideland, a one-hour special and short-form digital series for PBS that received a Daytime Emmy and GLAAD Award nomination.


Unlocking Your Superpower: Learning to Write Your Own Narrativearrow-down

An Emmy award-winning filmmaker, actor, singer, and writer who has held groundbreaking roles on the stage and screen, Dyllón Burnside understands the power of authentic storytelling to transform lives. Growing up on a farm as a Black, queer boy in the Deep South with aspirations for Hollywood and Broadway, he was always faced with the dilemma of choosing between the narrative others were telling about who he could be and the stories inside that he yearned to tell in his own voice.

Dyllón will share with audiences the power of owning your personal narrative by revealing his journey to embracing and using his authentic voice to tell the stories that have connected with people around the world - an act he describes as his superpower.

Participants will walk away feeling empowered to tap into their own superpowers— rewriting the story of their lives in their own authentic voices. They will come away ready to challenge the oppressive systems that stop so many from living authentically, celebrate the uniqueness of those around them, and speak into existence the lives they’ve always dreamed of living.

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