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Author, "House of Cards"

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Lord Michael Dobbs: Biography at a Glance

  • Best-selling author of the “House of Cards” trilogy, which was adapted into the award-winning Netflix series
  • The original TV adaptation was named one of the “100 Greatest British Television Programmes" by the British Film Institute
  • Served as an adviser to Margaret Thatcher and as a speechwriter and chief of staff for the the United Kingdom’s Conservative Party
  • Former host of “Despatch Box” on BBC



Before House of Cards became the most talked about show not on television, exclusively released on Netflix, Michael Dobbs wrote the original novel of the same name which was adapted into a British series later being honored as one of the "100 Greatest British Television Programmes" by the British Film Institute. Prior to his successful writing career, Michael served in British politics where he worked as Margaret Thatcher's advisor, a Conservative Party speechwriter and the Conservative Party's Chief of Staff. Currently, Michael serves as a member of the House of Lords as Lord Dobbs of Wylye.

In addition to his time served in the British government, Michael also worked in the private business sector. Initially taking a post as the Deputy Advertising Chairman for the global advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi, Michael moved up the ranks to Deputy Chairman in his near decade-long employment before leaving to begin his career as a novelist.

Adding to his expanding repertoire of abilities, Michael also penned several stageplays, hosted the BBC TV current affairs program Dispatch Box, and served as a columnist at The Mail on Sunday, the biggest-selling Sunday newspaper in Great Britain.

Michael also has many years of experience in the United States, with a doctorate from Harvard and Tufts universities. He also worked on the Boston Globe throughout the Watergate scandal. The original British House of Cards is one of PBS's all-time most requested TV series and his Churchill novels have all been best-sellers. He has undertaken many speaking tours, his most recent being described as 'a coast-to-coast triumph'. He also shared a girlfriend with Bill Clinton when they were both students at Oxford. 'For some reason she never introduced us,' he says. 'It took me many years and an entire presidential scandal to discover why.'


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How "House of Cards" wrote itself.

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