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Author, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

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    Greg McKeown: Biography at a Glance

    • Greg McKeown is the bestselling author of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less and Effortless: Make It Easier to Do What Matters Most.
    • Essentialism, which draws on experience and insight from working with the leaders of the most innovative companies, was voted by Goodreads as “The #1 Leadership and Success Book to Read in a Lifetime” 
    • He serves as the host of The Greg McKeown Podcast which has been ranked in the Top 5 of all Self Improvement podcasts (out of 11,000) and Top 10 in all Educational podcasts (out of 30,000) on Apple Podcasts. 
    • He has spoken in more than 40 countries around the world to more than 500 companies including Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Nike.
    • Greg McKeown is one of the most sought-after speakers on leadership, peak performance, and business growth



    Greg McKeown has written two New York Times bestsellers, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less which has been voted by Goodreads as “The #1 Leadership and Success Book to Read in a Lifetime” and Effortless: Make It Easier to Do What Matters Most. Together they have been published in 37 languages.

    McKeown is one of the most sought-after public speakers in the world and has spoken to more than 500 companies as he has traveled to more than 40 countries around the world. Clients include Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Nike.

    He is the host of The Greg McKeown Podcast which has been ranked in the Top 5 of all Self Improvement podcasts (out of 11,000) and Top 10 in all Educational podcasts (out of 30,000) on Apple Podcasts. Guests have included Harvard professor Arthur Brooks, Matthew McConaughey, Maria Shriver, John Hope Bryant, and Ariana Huffington.

    His work has been covered in print media including The New Yorker, The New York Times, Time, Fast Company, Fortune, Politico, Inc., and Harvard Business Review. It’s been covered on NPR, NBC, FOX and many times on The Steve Harvey Show.

    McKeown is an active Social Innovator. He served for 7 years as a Board Member for Washington D.C. policy group Resolve and as a mentor with 2 Seeds, a non-profit incubator for agricultural projects in Africa. He has also been a speaker at non-profit groups including The Kauffman Fellows, Net Impact, and Stanford University where he co-created the popular class, Designing Life, Essentially.

    He serves as a Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum. He moderated a session at the Summer Davos in China called, Unpacking Social Innovation Models for Maximum Impact, and served as a panelist at the Sharpening Your Creative Edge working session at the Forum. Prior to this, McKeown collaborated in the research and writing of Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter and worked for Heidrick & Struggles’ Global Leadership Practice assessing senior executives.

    McKeown did his Masters of Business Administration at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, his Global Leadership and Public Policy certificate at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and is currently doing doctoral research at the University of Cambridge.


    Effortless: Make It Easier to Do What Matters Mostarrow-down

    As high-achievers, we’ve been conditioned to believe that the path to success is paved with relentless work. That if we want to overachieve, we have to overexert, overthink, and overdo. That if we aren’t perpetually exhausted, we’re not doing enough.

    But lately, working hard is more exhausting than ever. And the more depleted we get, the harder it is to make progress. Stuck in an endless loop of “Zoom, eat, sleep, repeat,” we’re often working twice as hard to achieve half as much. Greg McKeown tells us that getting ahead doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it. 

    In this conversation, Greg offers an empowering guide to achieving your goals and accomplishing what matters most.


    Collaboration & Team Development. Why Warm Clarity is the Key to High Performance Teamsarrow-down

    We have all worked for leaders who are focused on results but care little about the overall growth and development of each team member: this is cold clarity. Warm clarity is different: it combines courage and compassion to create high performance teams.

    Creativity & Innovation. The Other Half of Innovationarrow-down

    The first half of innovation is fun and easy: it’s brainstorming, Post-It notes, exploration, iteration and ideation. The second half is rarer but it’s where the breakthrough value lies. This keynote teaches how to select only the most valuable ideas and how to execute them effortlessly.

    High Performance & Self Management. Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Lessarrow-down

    We all know it’s easy to be busy without being productive in our hyperconnected reality. This keynote offers a new mindset and skillset for discerning what is essential, eliminating what is not, and removing obstacles in order to make execution as effortless as possible.

    Leadership & Execution. Why Some Teams Break Through to the Next Level—And Others Don’tarrow-down

    This keynote shares five ways teams become dysfunctional and how leading as an Essentialist is the key to combating these and, instead, creating unified teams that produce amazing results.

    Strategy & Growth. Becoming Successful at Successarrow-down

    Becoming successful is one thing but it’s another thing altogether to become successful at success. This keynote teaches the essential mindset and skillset needed to go from being successful to very successful—the answers will surprise.


    It has been six months since we were together and we are still seeing lasting changes in behavior that are material and meaningful to our business. (Really!)


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