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Pentatonix Beatboxer, Classical Fusion Artist, & Expert on Creativity and Collaboration

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Kevin Olusola: Biography at a Glance

  • Kevin Olusola is the beatboxer of the Grammy-winning Pentatonix, with over 20 million YouTube subscribers, 6 billion views, and multiple top-charting albums, including a #1 on the Billboard 200.
  • A pioneer of "celloboxing" — playing the cello and beatboxing at the same time — Kevin has won international competitions, gained recognition from media giants like CBS and Huffington Post, and was hand-picked by music legend Quincy Jones for the Montreux Jazz Festival.
  • A multi-instrumentalist prodigy who performed at Carnegie Hall as a soloist twice, Kevin has been recognized by renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma for his inventive "celloboxing" talents.
  • Kevin was named one of 100 “History Makers in the Making” by NBC.



Kevin Olusola creates art at a nexus between styles, cultures, and perspectives. His signature sound reimagines classical musicianship through an ambitious modern sonic and lyrical lens, while balancing his dynamic background of Nigerian and Grenadian heritage. He showcases his ability to captivate as a solo artist or as one-fifth of three-time GRAMMY® Award-winning multiplatinum a cappella phenomenon Pentatonix. As such, all of these energies and elements comprise his ever-evolving artistic vision as vocal powerhouse, songwriter, beatboxer, cellist, and producer.

Kevin is known as a pioneer of "celloboxing" — playing the cello and beatboxing at the same time — and has garnered international acclaim and recognition from music industry leaders including Yo-Yo Ma, Quincy Jones, Pharrell, and countless others. The fluent Chinese speaker and Yale graduate began developing the skill in college, and in his senior year his celloboxing video performing Mark Summer’s “Julie-O” exploded on YouTube. Vocal arranger Ben Bram and Pentatonix member Scott Hoying serendipitously reached out to Kevin to create Pentatonix and audition for Season 3 of the NBC a cappella TV show The Sing-Off. After winning the competition’s top prize, Pentatonix went on to multiplatinum success (over 10 million albums sold), #1 albums, three GRAMMY® Awards, film and television projects, sold-out arena tours, and rapturous performances on iconic stages around the world from The Hollywood Bowl to The Kennedy Center. Their YouTube channel boasts over 20 million subscribers and yields over 6 billion video views.

As a solo artist, he released The Renegade EP (which debuted #1 on the Billboard Traditional Classical and Classical Crossover charts), The Triptyq Sessions EP, and the Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood EP, as well as fan favorite singles and collaborations. He was also named 100 “History Makers in the Making” by NBC’s TheGrio. 

As a speaker, Kevin’s captivating presentations cover themes ranging from innovation and creativity to teamwork and collaboration all while weaving in stories from his inspiring personal journey. Whether he’s speaking for corporations like Nike, universities like Yale, or megachurches like Willow Creek, his combination of musical performance and storytelling delivers a unique keynote experience that will inspire any and every type of audience.


Foundation +1: A Formula for Achieving Your Most Audacious Goalsarrow-down

In a captivating and rhythm-filled session, Kevin Olusola showcases the power of deconstructing grandiose endeavors into their essential components.

Introducing celloboxing, his one-of-a-kind fusion of playing the cello and beatboxing, Kevin demonstrates the power of innovation in real-time. Your audience will watch in awe as he introduces a foundation – a simple scale – and by iteratively adding just one new layer at a time, Kevin constructs a riveting, multifaceted performance.

This method, dubbed "foundation + 1", is not only a testament to Kevin's musical genius but also serves as a blueprint for organizations and individuals. When faced with monumental tasks or pioneering ideas, the formula offers a roadmap, breaking the immense into manageable increments. Audiences will grasp the magic and methodology behind turning the ordinary into the extraordinary – one step at a time.

Emulate to Innovate: The Secret to Unlocking an Unlimited Source of Creative Ideasarrow-down

Kevin reveals the roots of his distinct cello playing technique, drawing parallels to innovative thinking in the corporate world. Starting with his classical music upbringing, audiences will observe as Kevin demonstrates how a familiar pop song sounds when played with classical interpretations – complete with flowing transitions and intricate nuances. Taking it a step further, he then reinvents that same song by infusing attributes of a pop singer, weaving in elements like note inflections and intricate vocal runs.

The essence of his methodology is to draw inspiration from domains seemingly unrelated to one's own.

This fresh approach, while musically exemplified, transcends to corporate strategies. Whether you're looking to set your brand apart from competitors, or develop a fresh idea in a crowded market, Kevin drives home the idea that often, true differentiation lies in looking beyond the traditional horizons and borrowing elements from unexpected sources. Attendees are left with a clear message: to truly innovate, sometimes all it takes is the courage to draw connections between the unexpected.

Disrupt Yourself, Disrupt Your World: The Power of Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zonearrow-down

Kevin discusses his transformative experiences during his time living abroad in China. In a land where the language and culture were initially foreign to him, Kevin unearthed profound lessons that have shaped his unique artistic vision and professional philosophy. He highlights the value of soft diplomacy – the art of rallying others behind your ideas through attraction rather than coercion — and how genuine human connections can transcend barriers. Through his explorations, Kevin also discovered how his creative endeavors fit into the vast mosaic of global culture, and it was amidst this rich tapestry that the groundbreaking concept of celloboxing was conceived.

For corporate audiences, Kevin's experiences showcase the unparalleled growth that comes from embracing unfamiliar terrain, illustrating that disruptive innovation often springs from stepping out of your comfort zone. The lessons from his time abroad emphasize the importance of understanding diverse perspectives, fostering genuine relationships, and harnessing the potential of disruptive ideas.

Kevin's narrative underscores a pivotal message for modern businesses: to build a truly disruptive company, you must first be willing to disrupt yourself.

Own Your Instrument: Finding Harmony in Collaborationarrow-down

As a member of the smash-hit a cappella group Pentatonix, Kevin Olusola has often emphasized the importance of collaboration and the transformative power of teamwork. Everyone has a role to play, and each member of a team brings unique strengths and talents that contribute to the overall success of the group. 

In this lively and interactive experience, Kevin demonstrates how to identify and harmonize the strengths of individuals for the benefit of the group as a whole. Drawing on his experiences in the music industry, where harmonizing diverse talents is paramount, Kevin leaves audiences with real-life anecdotes and practical strategies for individuals and teams striving to achieve a harmonious and synergistic working dynamic.


Kevin's presentation was clear and engaging and his later discussions with students were highly interactive and informative.

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