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Author, Mental Health Advocate, and Co-Founder of The Creative Summer Company

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Michell C. Clark: Biography at a Glance

  • Michell C. Clark empowers entrepreneurs and leaders to release self-limiting beliefs and actualize their full potential.
  • Forbes cited Michell as an example of “how inspiration as a brand can be powerful” and Ebony Magazine noted that his affirmations are “powerful and morale-boosting.”
  • He shares writing that is affirming and actionable with his engaged social media community of over 600,000 people—people who are committed to bettering themselves, and bettering the world around them.
  • Michell is the co-founder of The Creative Summer, a Webby-nominated creative marketing agency that leverages strategy, content, design, and research to empower mission-consistent, Black-owned brands and businesses.
  • He honed his communication skills through his work for brands and cultural institutions including MTV, Complex Media, and the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.


Michell C. Clark is an author, strategist, husband, and father who writes affirmations for creative entrepreneurs committed to bettering themselves and the world around them. The Woodbridge, Virginia native graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Post-grad he honed his skills as a writer and researcher for brands and cultural institutions including the National Museum of African American History and Culture. He is the author of Keep It 100: daily affirmations for millennials who are tired of being called millennials, and is working on his next book as you read this biography.

Clark has built a personal following of over 600,000 human beings across Instagram and Twitter. He is deeply invested in leveraging his platforms, access, and skillset to build community. He and his wife, Duanecia Clark, founded their agency, The Creative Summer Co., which leverages strategy, content, design, and research to empower mission-consistent Black-owned and Black-facing brands and businesses. The agency, which produced Webby-nominated work in its first year of existence, focuses on helping clients to drive sustainable growth and establish brand identity.

He has worked on social media campaigns with the likes of HBO, Warner Brothers, and Starbucks. As a journalist, he curated and wrote a year-long interview series with MTV News focused on interviewing people with compelling stories to empower and inform readers.

He resides in Brooklyn, New York with his wife, Duanecia, and their daughter, Ada.


The People's Choice: Build Deeper Connections With Your Audiencearrow-down

Social media is a powerful marketing tool, but only when you’re clear on what people want to see when they scroll.

Over the past ten years, Michell C. Clark has developed and refined an empathetic approach to social media that enabled him to build and deepen connections with his personal audience of over 600,000 human beings. His social media presence has enabled him to build a successful e-commerce brand, co-found a WEBBY-nominated creative agency, and become an in-demand writer and speaker.

Vulnerable storytelling is at the core of Michell’s social media strategy–and his vulnerability has equipped him to build a loyal customer base that continues to grow with him through every personal and professional transition that he encounters. In this conversation, Michell will teach you how to build enduring and reciprocal relationships with members of your target audience–relationships that drive sales, increase customer loyalty, and give people what they want.

Feel Good, Lead Better: How Your Wellbeing Impacts Your Teamarrow-down

Our obsession with workplace productivity has obscured a very important detail–a healthy employee is a productive employee. A healthy human being can think more clearly and operate more efficiently.

Michell C. Clark is the co-founder of The Creative Summer Company, a Webby-nominated creative agency that prides itself on building a team culture in which every team member feels valued, seen, and heard. He is intentional about building systems, establishing meeting cadences, and developing relationships that not only accommodate, but encourage a company culture in which team members feel empowered to name and take space for their mental, emotional, and professional needs.

In this discussion, Michell will leverage psychology, sociology, and his professional experiences to outline how a team culture that emphasizes individual wellness will inherently create space for better work and better results. You will walk away with a clear understanding of how to build an organization that takes care of its people and takes care of the bottom line.

Writing Your Way Out: Chart Your Course, Find Your Voice, Change Your Lifearrow-down

You are your own competitive advantage–but only when you give yourself permission to stop trying to sound like everybody else.

Michell C. Clark has been writing in public since 2009. Over time, he has learned to leverage his unique perspective, talents, and passions on social media to build large-scale awareness and high-leverage relationships. His consistent effort, research, and introspection resulted in a successful e-commerce business, dozens of brand partnerships, features in publications such as Forbes and Ebony, and more without any pre-established connections or access.

In this conversation, Michell will share hard-earned insights that he’s gained over the past decade. He’ll take listeners back in time, breaking down the key choice points that led him to where he is, today. He’ll tell stories about his unorthodox path as a writer–to include what he would have done differently, the affirmations that empowered him to push through his lowest moments, and the mistakes that he made along the way. The audience will walk away with actionable takeaways that will empower them to be resourceful, impactful, and innovative as they shape their own communications careers.


Whenever our team is thinking of an impactful voice in culture and creativity, Michell is always at the top of the list. As an incredible writer, leader and agent of change, we can trust him to uplevel our programming and experience each and every time.


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