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Power Forward, San Antonio Spurs

Sports - Basketball

Pau Gasol: Biography at a Glance

  • Power forward for the San Antonio Spurs
  • Two-time NBA champion and six-time NBA All-Star
  • Won two Olympic silver medals and a bronze medal
  • First non-American player to become the NBA's Rookie of the Year in 2002
  • Member of the National Basketball Players Association’s Executive Committee
  • Co-founded the Gasol Foundation to fight childhood obesity
  • UNICEF Spanish Committee Ambassador since 2003


Pau Gasol is a Spanish professional basketball player who plays for the San Antonio Spurs. In 2001, he became the second Spanish player ever to join the NBA, and in 2006, he was the first Spaniard chosen to play an All-Star Game in Houston. He was also the first to classify for the playoffs with the Memphis Grizzlies in 2003–2004 and to win the NBA’s championship (twice, with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2008–09 and 2009–10). In 2017, Gasol was named to the Executive Committee of the NBPA. He is the first player to be named to the Executive Committee that did not go through the NCAA system.

He became the first non-American player to become the NBA’s Rookie of the Year in 2002 with the Memphis Grizzlies. Gasol was selected by the Atlanta Hawks with the third overall pick in the first round of the 2011 NBA Draft but his rights were traded to Memphis.

From a very young age, Gasol had a passion for children’s health. His mother was a doctor and his father a hospital administrator who both practiced at home what they preached at work: healthy kids lead to happy families, who then, together, contribute to successful communities. The Gasols had regular access to and were educated on the importance of physical activity, healthy food and emotional security. Some of Pau’s fondest family memories were moments spent together actively living a healthy lifestyle. Gasol Foundation’s mission is to reduce Childhood Obesity rates and focuses all its energy and resources on promoting and transmitting healthy lifestyles amongst today’s youth through our programs, activities, and initiatives both in Spain and the United States. Through nutritional workshops, physical activity sessions and the key involvement of family and educators, our programs promote children ‘s knowledge, attitudes and habits for their full development.

Off the court, Gasol has also served as a UNICEF Spanish Committee Ambassador since 2003.


SMART Leadership: Lessons From the Courtarrow-down

A current member of the San Antonio Spurs and a former member of the Chicago Bulls (2014-2016), the Los Angeles Lakers (2008–2014) and the Memphis Grizzlies (2001–2008), Pau Gasol provides fascinating and unique perceptions on what it takes to a ignite team spirit and on the responsibility that comes with powerful leadership. The second Spanish player to ever join the NBA and the first Spaniard chosen to play an NBA All-Star Game, Gasol walks through his personal evolution of becoming a leader in the public eye both on the basketball court and off. He offers insights on the importance of finding a role alongside other leaders within an organization as well as the tools needed to maximize strengths and create winning teams. Exploring the need for leaders to have a vision, being able to forge relationships and having the courage to make tough decisions, audience members take away a deep understanding of what Gasol believes are the keys to great leadership in this informative and thought-provoking presentation.

Today's Epidemic: How Childhood Obesity is Causing this Generation to Live Shorter, Unhealthier Lives Than Their Parentsarrow-down

Childhood Obesity is one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century and affects 42 million children worldwide. According to WHO (World Health Organization), 70 million young children will be overweight or obese by 2025. If this trend continues, we are facing the first generation that could live less than their parents. In this talk, Pau will share some alarming stats about childhood obesity, and what organizations like the Gasol Foundation are doing to reverse this trend and ensure a healthy future for our children.

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