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Taryn Southern: Biography at a Glance

  • Taryn Southern is a pioneering digital and VR content creator known for her work at the intersection of emerging technology and human potential.
  • She has garnered more than 750 million views on YouTube and has been featured in Vanity Fair, Fast Company, Wired, TechCrunch, Business Insider, and more. 
  • Taryn is an award-winning filmmaker whose debut film on the future of the brain, I AM HUMAN, premiered at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival.
  • She released the world’s first AI pop album, I AM AI, which also hit the Top 100 US Radio Charts.
  • As a biohacker turned stage 3 cancer survivor, Taryn is passionate about technology and wellbeing.



Taryn Southern is an award-winning artist and filmmaker known for her work at the intersection of emerging technology and human potential. Her work includes co-directing and producing an award-winning documentary on the future of the brain (Official Selection in the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival), composing the world’s first AI album (Top 100 US Radio Charts), producing an award-winning Google VR series (Winner of the AT&T Film Award), and releasing the first Ethereum-based song token. A three-time Streamy Awards nominee, Taryn’s work has  been featured in Vanity Fair, Billboard, Fast Company, Wired, Forbes, Psychology Today, Harvard Business Review and more.

A pioneering YouTuber, Taryn uploaded her first viral video to YouTube in 2007. More than ten years and 750 million views later, Taryn had written, produced, or starred in more than 1500 pieces of digital content. She has created series for networks like Conde Naste, The Today Show, MTV, Snapchat, and Maker Studios, written for Business Insider and TechCrunch, served as a host for Discovery Channel’s #1 late night show, and signed a development deal with National Geographic Network.

Taryn has designed dozens of media initiatives to help science and technology companies spark consumer conversation, inspire investment interest, and shift public perception. From biotech to blockchain, she’s advised and/or invested in companies like Vessel, HTC Vive, Extend Fertility, Invitae Genetics, Forever Labs, Tubular, Snapchat, and Marriott, and sits on the board of the National Academy of Medicine Longevity Challenge. A passionate advocate of women in tech, she is currently developing several projects in the science and emerging technology spaces.


Bold Storytelling for AI Technologiesarrow-down

Pioneering content creator and award-winning AI artist Taryn Southern has worked at the intersection of transformative technology and storytelling for more than a decade. From releasing the world’s first solo pop album composed with AI to directing an award-winning film on the future of man and machine, Taryn shares how you can craft powerful, imaginative stories for AI technologies that inspire enthusiasm, investment and public discourse.

Collaborating with Robots: Using AI to Enhance Creativity arrow-down

Pioneering content creator and award-winning AI artist Taryn Southern has used AI to compose the world’s first solo pop album, craft art using her brain scans, and make a video clone of herself. In this session, Taryn shares how anyone can use AI to expand their creative efforts - to create art, direct video, compose music and improve storytelling.

Building an Audience From Your Bedroom
Resilience: From Cancer to COVID

All of the attendees were inspired by Taryn’s talk! It was incredible and really resonated with our audience


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