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Co-Founder, Own Your Data Foundation; Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower

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    Brittany Kaiser: Biography at a Glance

    • Brittany Kaiser is the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, after serving as the Director of Business Development and being trained directly under Cambridge Analytica CEO, Alexander Nix.
    • Kaiser's experience following her time at Cambridge Analytica is shown in the
    • Kaiser is the author of Targeted: The Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower’s Inside Story of How Big Data, Trump and Facebook Broke Democracy and is the subject of the Emmy-nominated Netflix Documentary The Great Hack.
    • Kaiser started the #OwnYourData campaign, asking corporations to change their terms and conditions to provide transparency, opt-in, and property/monetization rights over the data produced on their platforms.
    • She has joined the boards of over 10 ethical technology companies to help develop solutions that promote transparency, consent-based data sharing, data sovereignty, and cybersecurity.
    • She is the Chair of the Board for Gryphon Digital Mining, one of the world's largest bitcoin mining companies and the first to be ESG-focused and carbon neutral.
    • She is also on the board of directors for Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc. which is developing emerging psychotropics to pave the way to a brighter future in mental health and overall wellness.



    Brittany Kaiser is an entrepreneur, activist, and globally recognized expert in data protection, technology, and legislative reform. She has spent most of her career advising governments, companies, and campaigns on policy and strategy. As a former whistleblower, she concentrates on the convergence of technology and ethics through education, advocacy, and technology advisory. She has also become one of the top speakers in the world on digital assets and was named to and Cointelegraph’s “Top 100 Most Influential People in Crypto and Blockchain" list for her advocacy work.

    As Co-Founder of the Own Your Data Foundation, she trains governments, corporations, and families in digital literacy by providing critical information on how to be safe and successful in our digital lives. As Co-Founder of the Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA), she assists in legislative drafting and lobbying on laws that protect individuals' digital rights as well as providing legal definitions for uses of digital assets and blockchain technology. She has helped write, advocate for, and pass over 30 laws in privacy, blockchain technology, and digital asset ownership, and sits on multiple US Congressional Subcommittees on Blockchain, Fintech, and Digital Innovation. Ms. Kaiser is also very active in the NFT community, collaborating on "NFTs for Impact" strategies to fund nonprofits and social causes in partnership with top brands and celebrities.

    Ms. Kaiser sits on the board of directors and the advisory board of many companies across industries, working on data ethics, compliance, and strategy. Most notably, she is the Chair of the Board for Gryphon Digital Mining, one of the world's largest bitcoin mining companies and the first to be ESG-focused and carbon neutral. At Gryphon, Ms. Kaiser leads the ESG strategy, from carbon emissions reduction strategy to investment into climate solutions, and engagement in climate diplomacy on behalf of the crypto industry. She is also on the board of directors for Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc which is developing emerging psychotropics to pave the way to a brighter future in mental health and overall wellness. She has also pushed for expanded digital literacy initiatives, stating these could help consumers better understand their digital footprint, how data is used, cybersecurity best practices, and how to protect their mental and physical health in a virtual environment.

    In her public philanthropic work, Ms. Kaiser is an advisor on the crypto fundraising campaign to crowdfund humanitarian aid for Ukraine, working with the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation, blockchain companies, and individuals to raise funds needed to protect human rights and freedom for Ukrainians and refugees.

    Ms. Kaiser is the bestselling author of Targeted and is the main subject of Netflix's original documentary The Great Hack, nominated for an Emmy, BAFTA, and shortlisted for an Oscar. As a renowned thought leader and public speaker, Ms. Kaiser is represented by CAA and has spoken at prestigious events at the United Nations, the European and British Parliaments, the G20, and WebSummit, and is a regular keynote speaker for Fortune1000 boards and private government events globally.

    Ms. Kaiser holds an undergraduate and (MA) with honors in International Relations from the University of Edinburgh, an (LLM) in International Human Rights Law from the University of London Birkbeck College of Law, and an MPhil in International Law from Middlesex University. She spends a lot of time investing in making further education on technology and digital literacy accessible. She is a frequent guest lecturer at universities such as Harvard, Oxford, and Columbia.


    Own Your Data: Reclaiming Your Digital Lifearrow-down

    This is a talk focused for individuals/students/public audience on how to reform your daily habits and activities to protect yourself and your data, with exciting developments on the horizon to look out for and get involved with.


    Own Your Data: Leading By Examplearrow-down

    This talk focuses on how companies and organizations can become more transparent and have a consensual and honest relationship with your customers/supporters/citizens. How do you protect their data? How do you incentivize sharing more data, but responsibly? How do you protect your company from hackers and criminal/civil liability? How will this improve, not detract from, your business model?

    Own Your Data: Changing Our Digital Future for Goodarrow-down

    This talk is very futurism focused, discussing the flawed systems in our political and commercial spaces that allowed the big data disasters to take place, and how the world's best and brightest are working to reform these constructs to create a more transparent, ethical and balanced society. 


    Brittany was a highlight of the forum! Her answers were so insightful and I’m excited about the great good she’ll do in the data rights space.


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