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Star of TLC's I am Jazz, LGBTQ Rights Activist & Author

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Jazz Jennings: Biography at a Glance

  • Transgender American YouTuber, spokesmodel, television personality, an HRC youth Ambassador, author and LGBTQ rights activist
  • Stars in the GLAAD Award winning TLC reality TV series, “I Am Jazz”, which focuses on her life with her family as a teenager and as a transgender youth
  • Honorary co-founder of the Transkids Purple Rainbow Foundation
  • Speaks at universities, medical schools, conferences, conventions, symposiums, and major corporations all over the country advocating for the transgender community
  • Named to TIME's list of "Most Influential Teens" two years in a row



Jazz Jennings, star of the Award winning TLC series, "I Am Jazz," is a 22-year-old transgender LGBTQ+ rights activist, Tv personality and author. Jazz is one of the youngest publicly-documented people to be identified as transgender, and the youngest person to become a national transgender figure.

From the age of five, Jazz openly expressed her gender identity as female, defying societal norms and challenging the misconceptions surrounding transgender individuals. Her inspiring story gained national attention when she and her family were featured in a groundbreaking 2007 documentary with Barbara Walters on 20/20.

Jazz, herself, is no stranger to discrimination. She wasn't allowed to use the girls' restroom in her school for five years and she was prohibited from playing girls' soccer in her state for two and a half years. As a result of the discrimination, the USSF created a policy to include all transgender athletes who want to play soccer in the United States of America.

Jazz has accumulated numerous prestigious awards and honors, including TIME Magazine's Most Influential Teens (2014 and 2015), HRC's Upstander Award and the Trevor Project’s Youth Courage Award to name a few. Jazz served as the 2016 Grand Marshal in the New York City Pride March, making her the youngest person to serve as Grand Marshal in the history of the march.

In 2021, The Smithsonian museum in Washington DC opened an exhibit called “Girlhood... It’s complicated” which features an exhibit of Jazz Jennings, making her the first transgender girl to be featured as a historical figure.

Jazz’s remarkable advocacy has been instrumental in increasing transgender visibility and promoting acceptance on a broader scale. Her courage, resilience, and commitment to creating a better world for transgender youth continues to inspire and empower people around the globe.

Jazz is currently a student at Harvard University, where she is an art, film and visual studies major.

Jazz was really sweet and incredibly gracious. A room full of women praising her!

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