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Lydia Fenet: Biography at a Glance

  • Lydia Fenet is a global thought leader who has led auctions for more than six hundred organizations and raised over a billion dollars for nonprofits globally on behalf of Christie’s.
  • Her book, The Most Powerful Woman in the Room, shares the secrets of success and how to channel your own power in any room.
  • The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You was recently purchased by Netflix, and Lydia currently serves as executive producer on the Netflix series, Sold.
  • Her book, Claim Your Confidence, and podcast by the same name pull back the curtain on success and prove that no one is born with confidence, rather they build it by facing ups and downs in their life and career.
  • Lydia shares her knowledge on sales and negotiation and arms audiences with the essential tools of the trade – how to sell as yourself (instead of copying someone else), the most effective ways to network, the negotiate-not-apologize mentality, mastering the perfect poker face, and the importance of always – always – telling the truth. 



In her two-decades-long career as the leading charity auctioneer in the world, Lydia Fenet has changed the fundraising game. She is a force; single-handedly raising over a billion dollars for over 800 organizations. At night she graces the stage alongside celebrities like Bruce Springsteen, Hugh Jackman, Matt Damon, and Jerry Seinfeld while raising money for the most notable charities in the world. In the past six months alone, she has taken auctions for the highest-grossing fundraisers in America: Robin Hood, Tipping Point, Baby2Baby, and the Naples Winter Wine Festival.

Lydia's rise to becoming the top auctioneer in a male-dominated industry was chronicled in her best-selling book, The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You. The book equips women with everything they need to know to successfully sell themselves in all facets of their lives, whether it be seeking a new career or promotion, selling a company, or improving their public speaking, networking, and negotiation skills. Each chapter is complemented by case studies, from some of the most powerful women in business, fashion, journalism, and the arts including Martha Stewart, Deborah Roberts, Barbara Corcoran, Nina Garcia, and more. The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You was optioned by Netflix in 2022 with a show currently in development. The show will be produced by Chernin Entertainment and Kiernan Shipka is attached to star.

She recently finished her second book, Claim Your Confidence: Unlock Your Superpower and Create the Life you Want. Through relatable stories of challenges both big and small, Lydia demonstrates that confidence isn't something that we are born with, rather it is something that we learn by pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone and facing fears head on. The final chapter of the book, written shortly after Lydia's family almost died in a car accident, is harrowing and beautiful, teaching by example that even in the darkest time, if you have claimed your confidence there is nothing you can't overcome. And in many cases, you will come back even stronger than before. 

Lydia's podcast, also named Claim Your Confidence, launched in 2023 in Rockefeller Center with a star-studded roster including Glenn Close, Huma Abedin, Sara Haines, Jenna Lyons, Deborah Roberts and more. 


Claim Your Confidence: Unlock Your Superpower and Create the Life you Wantarrow-down

“How do I become more confident?” is the question Lydia Fenet hears almost every time she speaks to women across the country. Navigating a two-decade career at the world’s leading auction house while raising three children, Lydia had her own journey of learning self-assurance. Based on her experiences, she now offers a powerhouse guide to overcoming your fear and finding the confidence within.

Through stories of overcoming challenges in both her work and personal lives, Lydia demonstrates that confidence isn’t something that only some people are born with; rather, it’s inside every one of us, waiting to be claimed. Lydia provides powerful tools anyone at any phase of their life can use and offers case studies, insights, and advice on how to:

  • Harness the Power of Positivity
  • Slam Your Imposter Syndrome
  • Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
  • Grow Your Mindset

Audiences will walk away motivated to do what scares them most, claim their confidence, and get the life they want.

SOLD: The Ultimate Networking Auction Challengearrow-down

Trying to figure out how to do something innovative for your hardest to impress clients? Desperate to inspire teams returning to the office or bring connectivity to teams working virtually? Wishing you could figure out how to engage employees of different ages, tenures, and beliefs?

Look no further, the answer is right here. Introducing SOLD! The Ultimate Auction Networking Challenge – an event that will help you inspire, energize, and elevate your next client or team-building event.

Using techniques honed over a twenty-year career as an auctioneer inspiring audiences around the world, Lydia Fenet leads a fast-paced, competitive event that will engage your clients, your team, or any group looking to connect in a completely unique way. In this interactive event, participants will get a crash course in public speaking and auctioneering, learn new sales techniques, and master the art of networking. Side benefit: it’s an absolute blast for everyone who attends.

You Are Fine: Finding Resilience During Life’s Most Difficult Timesarrow-down

After a traumatic accident that landed her in the hospital alongside her husband and three children, Lydia Fenet received immense clarity. The accident and the events that followed not only brought into focus the fragility of life but also the power of positivity. With her entire community looking to her as she faced her most difficult times, Lydia served as an example of taking ownership of your life and controlling your mindset in order to endure the worst. 

In this conversation, Lydia will share the lessons she has learned about being resilient, pushing your limits, and willing yourself to believe that you will be fine no matter what life throws at you. Audiences will walk away feeling inspired to live fully and with an understanding of how to respond and frame the narrative of their own lives.


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