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Founder & CEO of Love Squad; Peloton Instructor; In-Arena Host of the Brooklyn Nets

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Ally Love: Biography at a Glance

  • Ally Love is the Founder & CEO of Love Squad, where she uses her platform to celebrate and champion diversity through conversation and sweat. 
  • She is also the in-arena Host of the Brooklyn Nets, a Peloton Instructor, Adidas Global Ambassador, and a Model.
  • As the founder of Love Squad, Ally motivates attendees through conversation to lead healthier, fuller lives and unleash their power. Exploration of topics such as body image, political issues, and financial independence allows them to learn from each other and reclaim agency over our physical, mental, and professional well-being. 
  • Ally speaks on health and wellness, women's empowerment, and her experience as an entrepreneur.



Ally Love is the CEO of Love Squad, Peloton instructor, host, inspiring speaker, and adidas global ambassador who can be seen wearing a multitude of hats, from the bike to the floor of the Brooklyn Nets arena, where she serves as host. 

Ally who was born and raised in Miami, Florida, headed to New York City to pursue and eventually receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Fordham University, and minor in Theology. As a dancer for the New York Knicks and participant in contemporary ballet companies throughout North America, Ally began exploring her career in performance.

In 2015, Ally founded and created the Love Squad community to empower women through the facilitation of motivational and educational conversations. Inclusivity, boldness, respect, and authenticity are the values that Love Squad strives to instill in women everywhere, both personally and professionally. Love Squad gets real about topics from negotiating salaries to fertility, tackles the realities of running a business while raising a family, and encourages women to boss up and take control of their lives. 

As an empowering speaker and writer, Ally created her video series, The Basics of Bossing Up, where she discusses key virtues and presents tangible takeaways for her viewers to implement in their own lives. Instead of getting caught up in the buzzword of the moment, Ally takes it back to the basics of how to execute success, and ultimately create the life you want to live. 

Signed to top agency CAA, Ally has been the co-host for the ESPYS, the US Open morning show “The Warm Up”, host for the inaugural Jopwell Talks Featuring Gayle King, WE Day Official for the United Nations, as well as moderator of Chicago Ideas Week. She has inspired audiences from major global corporations including Google, JP Morgan, Amazon, Salesforce, and many more. Ally has been featured in Vogue and the New York Times as well as appearing on various shows including Good Morning America.

Ally embodies the concept of the slash -generation, with a well-rounded knowledge and experience in sports, fashion, faith, fitness, public speaking, wellness, and activism. Dedicated to empowering people in their pursuit of natural wellness, Ally is a Certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Medicine. As a Peloton instructor, Ally’s mission is to empower, encourage and uplift. Ally motivated Peloton members, Nets fans, and avid followers of her social media to seek collaboration over competition and show up to tackle the goal of progress, not perfection.

Business owner, host, motivational speaker, ambassador, fitness instructor, and boss, Ally Love is an inspirational powerhouse, using her authentic passions to create avenues for those who engage with her to succeed and prosper. 


Ally was AMAZING and the team LOVED her!! Everyone is raving about it and we truly appreciate her motivating everyone during this time. She was candid, transparent and exactly what we needed.


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