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Former Chief White House Correspondent, CNN

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    Jessica Yellin: Biography at a Glance

    • Jessica Yellin is the former chief White House correspondent for CNN, and an Emmy and Gracie award-winning political journalist reporting for CNN, ABC News and MSNBC.
    • She's the founder of #NewsNotNoise, a fresh voice in media that broadcasts daily news reports on Instagram. Her mission is to deliver quality reporting and analysis that leaves the audience feeling informed and empowered.
    • Yellin's novel, Savage News, focuses on the experience of reporting-while-female in the current political and media climate.



    Women and Politicsarrow-down

    A historic number of women are running for public office -- but how is the media covering them? And how does the public view them? Women are making strides but the double bind still exists. Jessica teases out the contradictions, challenges and – yes – advantages for women in politics in a provocative speech that draws on her personal experience with these candidates, and the events and moments in the current discussion.

    Watching the News Without a Panic Attackarrow-down

    The public's appetite for news and information has never been higher. But so many of us just can’t take it and we’re tuning out. That’s partly about the world in which we live, but it’s also about the way the news is told. Research conducted for Jessica's company, #NewsNotNoise, shows that people leave the news feeling less informed than when they turned it on, and with more questions than answers. Why? And how can you and yours stay smart and informed – without getting a panic attack – in such a news-intense era. 

    No One Left to Trustarrow-down

    These days consumers don’t know who or what to believe. It’s not just the media they mistrust. They’re losing trust in products, brands, institutions, government, law enforcement  – all the voices of authority. How did we get here? What is the origin and impact on our psychology, our institutions, and business? In this speech, Jessica explains the drivers of the trust gap and how it is changing business and society.  

    Social Media 101 & Communicating in Today's Saturated Worldarrow-down

    Are you reading this or checking your phone? Maybe both. That’s because we are all addicted. These days information moves faster than ever. We’re tethered to our phones but dispersed across platforms. And we’re trained to expect outrage, drama and content that shocks. How do you compete in this environment to get the public’s attention?  In an era of tweets, rage, discord and disappointment, Jessica challenges the notion that the audience wants what it’s getting. She provides concrete alternatives to reach your audience with a message and content that breaks through the noise.

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