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Jewel: Biography at a Glance

  • Jewel’s versatile music career has spanned 4 Grammy nominations, 23 hit singles, and over 27 million albums sold worldwide
  • She recently launched the Never Broken Foundation and online program, making mindfulness and emotional intelligence tools available to the masses for free
  • Jewel founded her charity, Project Clean Water, to improve the quality of life for millions of people in 15 countries by providing clean water on a global scale
  • She also launched Higher Ground for Humanity, whose main focus is education, sustainable improvements, and building alliances with like-minded organizations around the world
  • As an author, Jewel became a bestselling author and poet with her books, A Night Without Armor, Never Broken, and 3 children’s books
  • Jewel is also a successful actress, appearing in films such as Ang Lee's Ride with the Devil and Allison Anders' Ring of Fire



Jewel is a singer-songwriter, actress, author, mother and advocate. She went from a girl who grew up in Alaska with no running water, to a homeless teenager in San Diego, to an award winning, Multi-Platinum Recording Artist who released one of the best-selling debuts of all times. Through her career, which has spanned over 20 years, she has earned multiple Grammy Award nominations, an American Music Award and an MTV Video Music Award among many others and to date has sold well in excess of 30 million albums worldwide.

Recently founding her own label imprint “Words Matter Media,” Jewel has inked a distribution and marketing deal with RED MUSIC (SONY), and is busy writing songs for her next studio album set to begin recording this summer for release in 2019 coinciding with her Silver Anniversary – a celebration of 25 years as a hit-making recording artist that will be followed with a national tour.

In 2018, Cirque De Soleil honored Jewel’s incredible life story with the creation of a show dedicated to her unique life. Millions in proceeds from the show, The Sixth Annual One Night For One Drop, went to the global water charity One Drop and the event was filmed for an upcoming prime time global TV special.

Jewel's distinct story began on an Alaskan homestead when she started singing in bars at eight years old. She left home at fifteen and provided for herself until the age of sixteen when she received a partial scholarship to Interlochen Fine Arts Academy, which is where she began writing songs documenting her inner journey and the world she saw around her with lyrics that were considered artful and profound.

At age nineteen, after being discovered singing in a San Diego coffee shop, Jewel found herself in a bidding war between record companies wanting to sign her. Rather than take the largest advance, she bet on herself, making an aggressive back-end deal, which at that time was unheard of for an undiscovered artist.

Jewel credits her great mentors Bob Dylan, and Neil Young who took the time to groom and encourage her as a young artist. Jewel's debut album Pieces of You was released in 1995, recorded in a studio on Neil Young's ranch, and included Young's backing band, The Stray Gators. The album stayed on the Billboard 200 chart for two years and spawned Top 10 hits including the certified platinum single "You Were Meant for Me," "Who Will Save Your Soul", and "Foolish Games". Described by Rolling Stone as “a record that carved out a perfectly confessional, coffeehouse niche between the decline of grunge and the rise of the slinky pop princess,” The album also reached mainstream success selling over 12 million copies and becoming certified 12x platinum.

Her second album, Spirit, released in 1998, showcased Jewel’s raw talent and heartfelt emotions she is best known for. “Jewel’s best enjoyed live, when she can let her voice loose and allow it to run around.... you can't deny what she does onstage. She has one of the most God-given voices I have ever heard an artist be given" states Rolling Stone. Spirit is 4x Platinum certified and includes popular singles such as “Hands” which reached No. 6 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

In 2001, Jewel returned with the platinum certified album, This Way. This Way honed a more Rock-Pop music sound and was frankly described by Rolling Stone as “rough and fun,” the album debuted at the No.2 spot on the Billboard 200 Charts. It featured the dance hit “Serve the Ego” which wowed the masses, scoring a Number one on the Billboard Hot Dance Club and leading the way to Jewel’s fourth studio album, 0304. Entertainment Weekly opined that the "unexpected dance-pop vibrancy (of 0304) makes it Jewel's best album and All Music agreed stating that "she puts herself out on the line more than she ever has, and she's come up with her best record, with her best set of songs and best music yet.” The album featured hit single “Intuition” which peaked as a top 5 hit on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Jewel’s versatile music career has spanned seven studio albums ranging in genre from pop, folk and country and has had 23 hit singles. The progression and variety of Jewel’s albums is due largely in part to mentor’s Bob Dylan and Neil Young who impressed upon her with their advice to take risks and make music she is authentically interested in. Jewel’s second album Spirit showcased an entirely different feel than first album, Pieces of You. Rock-leaning, This Way, came next which then transitioned to the Dance-Pop that encompassed 0304. Next, Jewel explored country with beautiful lyrics and melody. She debuted #1 in the country charts with her first country effort. Always a story-teller, combining poetry and melody, Jewel’s body of works speak for themselves.

Her bold ability to not only span genre and medium, but have success in each of them are made possible by the consistent philosophic and poetic lyrical viewpoint which permeates everything she does.

She defines herself as someone whose purpose is to serve as an emotionally honest mirror for society. Never using art as propaganda to make herself or the world around her seem more or less perfect than it is. Authenticity is the hallmark of each piece of art she puts out. She credits this as the source of her longevity.

Jewel has appeared on the cover of numerous magazines including TIME and Rolling Stone, performed on Saturday Night Live, at the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, for The Pope and for The President Of The United States.

She was recently chosen to finish Johnny Cash's half written songs for a just released posthumous CD created by Cash’s son, John Carter Cash.

In addition to singing and songwriting Jewel is also a successful actress making her film debut in Ang Lee's civil war drama “Ride with the Devil.” She then went on to star in the lead role of June Carter Cash in the Lifetime original movie “Ring of Fire,” nominated for four Emmy Awards. In early 2017, Jewel became a Producer and assumed the lead role of Shannon Hughes as an "intuitive contractor" on the hot franchise “The Fixer Upper Series” movies (based on the best-selling series of books of the same name) for Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. She is also an Executive Producer, and plays a significant role, in the new Documentary “Lost in America," by Rotimi Rainwater on youth homelessness.

As an author, Jewel became a best-selling poet with her book of poems A Night Without Armor. Jewel released her memoirs, Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half the Story in 2015 and it became a New York Times Best seller, and penned 3 children’s books.

For philanthropy, Jewel founded her water Charity in 1997 and has brought clean water to 15 countries. She recently started the Never Broken Foundation and online program, and has partnered with the Inspiring Children Foundation to make mindfulness and emotional intelligence tools available to the masses for free. Jewel's lifelong passion for her own personal growth and health is helping her to become the spokesperson of modern day wellness and mindfulness by sharing those same practices she used from the age of fourteen. Jewel's "WHOLE HUMAN" philosophy is designed to help people gain tone and strength in all areas of their lives including emotional intelligence, physical and fiscal health, interpersonal relationships and nutrition and, most importantly, as friends, associates and contributors to society.


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