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CEO of Camping World, Star of The Profit and The Renovator

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Marcus Lemonis: Biography at a Glance

  • Marcus Lemonis, a serial entrepreneur, is best known as the Chairman and CEO of Camping World. Millions have tuned in for Lemonis' business advice featured on the hit CNBC reality shows, The Profit and The Partner, where he steps in to save struggling businesses while investing his own money in the process. 
  • He can also be seen on HGTV's The Renovator, helping homeowners fix their most valuable personal asset—their home
  • Nicknamed "the business turnaround king", Lemonis has used his own money as well as his people-process-product principle to bring back several small businesses from the brink of failure. 
  • Lemonis was recognized by RV Magazine for having "more impact on the industry than any single individual or company in recent memory as an agent of change and retail consolidation" 
  • He was also named Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year and appeared on Crain's Chicago Business' "40 Under 40" list.


Marcus Lemonis has been professionally inspiring crowds through keynote addresses and fireside chats for almost a decade! Millions tuned in for Lemonis' business advice featured on the hit CNBC reality shows, The Profit and The Partner, where he stepped in to save struggling businesses and entrepreneurs while investing his own money in the process.

Marcus Lemonis is more than a TV personality, he is a successful entrepreneur, advocate, and philanthropist. And in a world where business leaders are lauded for being cutthroat, Marcus does it all with heart and compassion for the people, process, and product he aspires to elevate. But as with many success stories, his road has not always been an easy one.

As a young man, Marcus honed his entrepreneurial spirit while working at his family's automotive dealership. By the age of 25, Marcus seized upon an opportunity to reshape the way recreational vehicles and outdoor equipment was sold. Under his leadership and vision, Camping World would grow to become the Nation’s largest RV retailer and would make Marcus Lemonis one of the most successful businessmen in America.

But with each great success, the lessons of humility imparted by his mother have helped keep him grounded, reminding him that the true riches of life are found in giving back. With millions of dollars donated to charitable organizations, including starting his own The Lemon-Aid Foundation, and investing in small businesses, as well as a production company, Zero Point Zero, he is an advocate for the underdog and finds his strongest inspiration by investing in people. Marcus Lemonis may have been born in Lebanon, but he is 100% American-made.

Now viewers are gearing up for his new HGTV show, The Renovator, where he will help homeowners fix their most valuable personal asset—their home. Marcus will rescue frustrated families who have no idea where to begin to renovate a house that no longer meets their needs. During the process, Marcus will dig deep to determine the root of the clients’ issues, provide solutions that transform their homes into ideal spaces, and help rebuild and strengthen relationships. Ultimately, each family will get a stunning renovation and the tools they need to thrive in the home they used to love.

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