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Founder & CEO Herjavec Group & Leading Shark on ABC’s "Shark Tank"

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Robert Herjavec: Biography at a Glance

  • Robert Herjavec is a star on ABC’s Emmy-winning reality series "Shark Tank"
  • Founder and CEO of the Herjavec Group, one of North America’s fastest growing technology companies, with over $500 million in sales
  • Built and sold several IT companies to major players such as AT&T
  • Bestselling author of three books: "Driven, The Will to Win," and "You Don’t Have to Be a Shark"
  • Received 2012 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award



Robert Herjavec is a dynamic entrepreneur and leading Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank. Born in Eastern Europe, he arrived in North America on a boat with his parents after escaping communism in the former Yugoslavia. From delivering newspapers, and waiting tables, to launching a computer company from his basement, his drive to achieve has led him to the fulfillment of a better life for himself and his family. In 2003, Robert founded Herjavec Group, and it quickly became one of North America’s fastest growing technology companies. Robert’s motivational business advice has received millions of impressions through TV, print, radio and digital media. He shares his expertise with other entrepreneurs each week as a leading Shark on ABC’s Emmy Award-winning hit show Shark Tank.


Put Robert in the Hot Seat!arrow-down

See what happens when an executive member of your team or MC tables turn on Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec, when he finds himself in the hot seat answering questions on business trends, entrepreneurship and revealing a few secrets from inside the Shark Tank. This fireside chat is a great way to customize Robert’s appearance to your corporate goals and messaging, with an opportunity to engage audience participation.

Fast, Forward & Focusedarrow-down

Technology is constantly transforming, creating new possibilities and risks in the business world. Dynamic IT entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of global cybersecurity firm Herjavec Group, Robert Herjavec, will explore evolving technology trends, and the rising cyber security threats we face personally and professionally on a daily basis. He will reveal a few secrets from inside the Shark Tank and inspire anyone willing to keep up in a fast-moving world.

The Will to Winarrow-down

Anyone can succeed, as long as they’re willing to take chances, take control of their future and stay true to their vision. Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec, reveals the secrets and sales tips that took him from waiting tables to growing his nascent technology company into a world-class conglomerate. He shares life principles that are as valuable in the living room as they are in the boardroom, that will resonate and motivate your team and audience.


I have never received the response I am getting today concerning Robert’s speech last evening. It is by far the most well received presentation in our history. Mr. Herjavec connected with the audience in a way that was “magical”. His personal story is powerful and inspiring and his delivery authentic and heart felt. Bravo!

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