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Real Estate Mogul, Business Expert & Investor on ABC’s Shark Tank

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Barbara Corcoran: Biography at a Glance

  • Barbara Corcoran is the founder of the five-billion-dollar real estate business, The Corcoran Group
  • She is a "Shark" on ABC's Shark Tank and real estate contributor for the TODAY show
  • Barbara is the author of the bestsellers If You Don't Have Big Breasts, Put Ribbons on Your Pigtails and Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business
  • She is also a columnist for the New York Daily News and More Magazine




Barbara Corcoran’s credits include straight D’s in high school and college and 20 jobs by the time she turned 23. It was her next job that would make her one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country: She borrowed $1,000 and quit her job as a waitress to start a tiny real estate company in New York City.

Over the next 25 years Corcoran would parlay that $1,000 loan into a $5 billion real estate business, building the largest and best-known brand in the business, The Corcoran Group.

Corcoran is the author of the best seller Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business. She is also a regular columnist for The New York Daily News, More Magazine, Redbook, and The Daily Review.

Corcoran is a motivational and inspirational speaker. She is a frequent small business and real estate contributor on every major network. Corcoran has been an investor/Shark for the past nine seasons on ABC’s four-time Emmy award-winning show, Shark Tank.


Barbara’s Rag to Riches Story arrow-down

With straight D’s in high school and college plus 20 jobs by the time she turned 23, Barbara’s beginnings may have seemed lackluster, but it was her next job that would catapult her to meteoric success. In this incredibly motivational and informative talk, Barbara brings us along her journey from waitress, to real estate mogul to television personality and investor. She gives audiences an inside look at how she started a small real estate company with only $1,000 and turned it into a $5 billion dollar business, and the successes and failures along the way. 

Behind The Scenesarrow-down

Take a deep dive behind the scenes of Shark Tank and get your most riveting questions answered. Do the Sharks invest their own money? What are the traits of successful entrepreneurs? What makes a business flop? What is Kevin really like? Barbara spills all the secrets of the tank in this candid and captivating presentation and reveals never before scene photos of what it’s really like in the entrepreneurial waters.

A Conversation with Barbara Corcoranarrow-down

Turn the tables on Barbara in this suped-up Q&A session. Barbara puts herself in the hot seat by answering your questions on entrepreneurship, building a successful business, what it’s like to be on Shark Tank and more. Your very own company executive is invited to lead this engrossing discussion.

Leadership Workshoparrow-down

Highly motivating and sensationally entertaining, Barbara shares her strategies to get your team pumped up and moving forward with new ideas and fresh solutions. Barbara’s unique and practical lessons help salespeople, managers and business owners lead their enterprises to the next level.

A few lessons she can touch on are listed here:

  • Leading a team to greatness 
  • Fun is good for business
  • How to reinvent yourself 
  • The power of marketing
  • Find your opposite in business
  • The power of recognition in the workplace 
  • Hiring/Firing
  • How to bounce back from failure

She was a great speaker and a wonderful person to work with. Of our three keynote speakers she was the most relevant and best received by our members.

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