About CAA Global Brand Consulting

Our approach is centered on what we call The Collective Perspective.

CAA Global Brand Consulting is a strategy-led, full-service marketing agency specializing in sports, entertainment, and social impact solutions.
As a division of CAA, CAA Global Brand Consulting operates at the epicenter of culture. We help our world-class brand clients drive relevance through our unparalleled connectivity to entertainment and pop culture. We work with clients across every service offering, from planning to execution. We bring proactive thinking as we react and adapt to the changing landscape.

We are a strategic partner for brands, helping to solve their biggest challenges. We collaborate to create brand solutions that drive culture and amplify the volume of unique and diverse audiences in ways that makes consumers feel more entertained, engaged, and empowered.

Our product is our people. Our team of 200+ best-in class executives in New York, Los Angeles, Jacksonville, Nashville, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Las Vegas, London, Munich, Beijing, and Singapore who collaborate to deliver actionable solutions that help clients innovate, drive growth, and solve problems that seem unsolvable. Our global team comes together in a broad, integrated offering: a Collective Perspective on the world. We are honored to represent the most prestigious and innovative brands in our industry.

What We Do

Our suite of integrated services work together based on bespoke client needs.

Cultural & Consumer Perspectives

Our Cultural & Consumer Insights team identifies key macro trends  that define mindset and behaviors today. We help brands add to the cultural conversation by understanding and reaching a growing, diverse, and values-oriented audience.

Insights & Analytics

Our Insights & Analytics experts use proprietary tools and leverage data to inform strategic decision-making for our clients. We use research as the foundation of strategy, and our diversified set of products and services position our clients to derive the most value from partnerships and activation.

Partnership & Talent Strategy

We work closely with our clients to advise on partnerships across the property, media, and talent space. Our industry intel and connectivity give us the “art” while our Insights and Analytics department provides the “science” with measured data to back our strategic partner recommendations.


We use deep insights and collaboration to deliver ground-breaking, and culturally relevant creative thinking and implementation. Our Creative Lab delivers thoughtful and compelling positioning to inform campaign work that connects with consumers, while our Design Studio delivers design and asset creation across all platforms from digital to IRL.


Our Experiential experts are in the business of connecting people and championing human interaction. The world has changed, and we have all adjusted to a new reality — including how we design and execute frictionless experiences regardless of time, place, or space. We offer new and intuitive strategies for brands to show up in more meaningful and purposeful ways across the largest and most exclusive entertainment and sports events in the world.

Content & Digital Strategy

We help brands navigate and capitalize on the shift in content creation, digital experiences, and consumption habits driven by big cultural moments and global trends through influencer discovery, digital and content strategy, amplification, distribution, and execution.

Social Impact

Social impact efforts have never been more relevant, or in greater demand. Building on our 25 years of experience, we remain committed to our mission: creating critical impact solutions that drive business. We specialize in strategies that help brands define and amplify what they want to stand for and ensure that their values are aligned with the impact they want to have on the world. 

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