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Experience meets in-market expertise.

CAA China is a world-class media and entertainment platform, formed in partnership with CMC Capital Partners, China’s leading investment fund with a focus on technology, consumption and media sectors. CAA China combines the expertise and vast resources of CAA with the broad reach and network of CMC in Greater China. CAA China works in the areas of motion pictures, television, music, sports, brand partnership, and social media and digital operation. 

CAA中国由CAA与国内领先的专注于科技、消费、文娱领域的专业投资机构CMC资本(CMC Capital)在中国合资创立。集合CAA在娱乐与体育领域的强大资源与经验以及华人文化在大中华地区的庞大网络与人脉,成为世界级媒介与娱乐平台。CAA中国业务范围覆盖影视、综艺、音乐、体育、品牌咨询、社交媒体及数字内容等领域。   

With more than 16 years of in-market experience, CAA China represents many of the most accomplished actors, directors, writers, and producers from Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and provides entertainment marketing and consulting services to leading corporate brands. 


Additionally, CAA China provides sports marketing, brand consulting, and athlete representation services to clients focused on sports, esports, and crossover entertainment. The agency also works in the areas of Media Rights, Sponsorships, and IP. 


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