About CAA Digital Media

At the forefront of new entertainment.

Our department specializes in the evolving digital entertainment landscape, focusing on five key areas:

We sell series and films to the new digital and mobile platforms investing in original content across the marketplace, such as Verizon, YouTube, Google and Facebook.

CAA represents digital native talent, writers, directors, production companies, and new storytellers, many of whom have significant social audiences. We bring CAA’s relationships and expertise to bear on behalf of these clients, generating opportunities for them in television and premium OTT, film, touring, books, merchandise, and brand partnerships.

In partnership with our clients, CAA works with brands and advertisers to help them create original content and influencer marketing campaigns to reach their global audiences, leveraging our unique insights and proprietary analytics platform.  

Innovation, Investments & Asset Building
Our team drives innovation and growth by creating new digital studios and production companies, advising clients on their digital media investments, and creating new business models to generate incremental revenue streams. 

Immersive Media 
CAA is a pioneer in the AR, VR and Interactive storytelling space, helping our clients take advantage of the groundbreaking opportunities that these new technologies represent.