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Fill out and submit the form below. Upon approval by management, this offer represents a binding agreement. *Indicates required fields. 
1/12 General Information
Private/Open to Public
A PRIVATE show will not be advertised and will not be open to average concert goers. 
Free or Ticketed
2/12 Buyer Information

The buyer is the person or organization that is buying the show. More than likely this is you.

The person signing the contract.
Address (no PO Boxes)
Where information will be listed online.
3/12 Promoter Contact

The person who will be handling the day to day operation of promoting the concert and be in most contact with us.

The person who will be handling the day-to-day operation of promoting the concert and be in most contact with us.
4/12 Production Contact

The person who will be coordinating sound & lights.

The person who will be coordinating sound & lights.
5/12 Middle Buyer Information

Middle Buyers company or organization.

Only applicable if a third buyer needs to be listed on the contract.
Address (no PO Boxes)
6/12 Venue Information

Where the artist is playing.

7/12 Venue Contact
Please indicate how many people the venue will seat.
The tax rate for your market, if applicable.
8/12 Ticket Price Scaling

Number, Price, Type. Indicate what price your tickets will be sold for, the number of tickets that will be sold, and the type of the tickets. If you are not selling tickets, please leave them blank. (ie. 1,000 seats @ $12/ 1,000 seats @ $10 OR $12 Advance, $15 Day of show, $10 Groups of 10 or more).

Please include all ticket prices and how many tickets will be available at each price.
Day of Show
Gold Circle
9/12 Terms
The price you have discussed with CAA.
Artist's position on the lineup and marketing materials. E.g., Headline, Support, Festival, Special Guest, etc.
Who provides and pays for sound & lights?
Who provides drums and audio amplification equipment that stands behind the band on stage, including amplifiers for guitars, bass guitars, and keyboards?
If anyone will perform prior to the featured artist, indicate so here. Please note, support talent will be subject to artist's approval.
Any special details or out-of-the-ordinary requests you may have.
Does the venue require a percentage of merchandise sales?
Merchandise Vendor
Lodging provided by
Travel provided by
Local ground transportation (for fly dates) provided by
For shows requiring the artist to fly in, will ground transportation be provided by the artist or buyer?
10/12 Expenses

This section is only applicable if there is a percentage of ticket sales required in addition to a guarantee for the artist. This is very common for ticketed shows. For example, your agent may require $10,000 + 80% OF GROSS BOX OFFICE RECEIPTS AFTER ALL APPROVED EXPENSES AND TAXES. Under this circumstance, you will need to provide an estimated list of expenses in the bottom section of the offer sheet. Please note, these are estimated expenses. On the night of the show, you will be required to show receipts for all of your actual expenses.

(if applicable/ ie. guarantee + % of profit after expenses)
How much you are paying for the venue.
If you are using ticket outlets to sell your tickets, they may charge a percentage of the ticket price which usually is transferred to the ticket buyer.
Public liability insurance is always required to protect property and persons. Often, the artist will want to be named on a separate policy for themselves and band property.
Charge for staffing the box office at the venue.
Cost for all of your advertising (posters, flyers, newspaper and radio ads, Christian Happenings, etc.).
Charge for using credit card services.
Venue may pay a fee to either of these performance rights organizations for the playing of artist's material whom they collect live performance fees for.
Artist may require a barricade around the front of stage to keep audience a certain distance from the stage.
Cost for all food required in the artist's rider.
Cost of renting chairs, if applicable.
Cost of clean-up staff, if applicable.
Venue may require a damage deposit.
Cost if artist requires specific furniture in their dressing room.
May be needed to assure proper power supply and hookup of sound & light equipment.
Cost of miscellaneous equipment that may be needed for the show. This is NOT the cost of renting sound and lights.
If required by venue or law.
May be required for load in of sound & light equipment. This is usually the case if the venue doesn't have easy access to the stage area (e.g., load-in ramps, etc.).
Depending on where your show is, you may need a license or permit from the court house, police, etc.
Most often you can get volunteers to help load in and load out sound and light equipment. If you use volunteers, MAKE SURE THEY ARE RELIABLE. If you don't have reliable volunteers, you will need to hire help.
Depending on the size of your event, you may want medical personnel available should an emergency occur.
Occasionally a state may require an extra tax on entertainment or similar revenue.
The artist's road manager and crew will require a phone line and fax line for their use only. You may need to have additional lines put in for this purpose.
Cost of renting a piano, if applicable.
Cost of a professional piano tuner, if applicable.
Cost of hiring on-site police, if applicable.
Cost of hiring security personnel.
Artist may require backstage security solely for their personal property and backstage admittance.
Depending on the venue, you may need to rent a power generator to meet the required power output.
Live radio crews, recording crews (never approved by management).
Depending on the design of the sound and light system required by the artist, you may need to rent rigging equipment to "fly" or hang speakers or lights from the ceiling.
Artists will require an individual or two who will be available should any need arise (food, guitar strings, etc.).
Cost of setting up venue for the show, if applicable.
Cost of renting the required sound and lights specified in artist's rider if applicable.
Cost of renting required spotlights.
Cost of renting stage/additional staging to meet the required dimensions specified in artist's rider.
Staff available for any stage needs during the concert.
Manages stage hands. Coordinates all operations backstage.
The opening band or artist, if applicable. The agent may or may not allow the cost of the support band to come out of the headline artist's percentage.
Cost of having all your tickets printed.
Staff to sell tickets at the door.
Staff to take tickets at the door.
Cost of providing all the white towels required.
May include airfare, ground transportation, or rental van for the RUNNER required by artist.
Staff to help patrons find their seats.
11/12 Other Expenses

Expense. The name or title of an additional expense such as hotels, backline gear, etc.
Amount. The cost for that expense.

12/12 Comments
Please include details of the event, promoting experience, a brief marketing plan, and any other comments.