Sexual Harassment

Clients should not have to work anywhere that compromises their health, safety, or welfare. Moreover, CAA is committed to ensuring that clients are free to do their best work without experiencing harassment. We want clients to feel comfortable speaking out in instances where violations of anti-harassment laws may have occurred. We want our clients to feel supported and empowered. When violations of anti-harassment laws may have occurred, clients should always feel free to reach out to their CAA agents for support.

We also want to ensure that clients have all the relevant resources they need, including government services. Depending on the situation, clients may choose to reach out to the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), the New York City Commission on Human Rights (NYCCHR), the New York State Division of Human Rights (NYSDHR), or the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).  Clients can use the contact information below to learn more about harassment, their rights, and how to report violations.

DFEH states that its mission is “to protect the people of California from unlawful discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations, and from the perpetration of acts of hate violence and human trafficking.” 


DFEH Contact Information

Phone: 800-884-1684

            800-700-2320 (TTY)




To get more information about sexual harassment behaviors or civil remedies, visit: (EN) (ESP) (CH)


NYCCHR Contact Information

Phone: 718-722–3131 (TTY)

            212-504-4115 (TTY)




NYSDHR Contact Information

Phone: 888-392-3644

            718-741-8300 (TTY/TDD)




EEOC Contact Information

Phone: 800-669-4000 (TTY)

            800-669-6820 (TTY for Deaf/Hard of Hearing callers only)

            844-234-5122 (ASL Video Phone for Deaf/Hard of Hearing callers only)




Facts About Sexual Harassment:   


The health of our clients is paramount. For those suffering from eating disorders, please consult this information from the US National Institute on Mental Health: (EN) (ESP)


You also can access other entertainment industry resources from the TIME’S UP Foundation here: