UK Candidate Recruitment Service Terms

The following terms shall apply between you and Creative Artists Agency UK Limited for the duration of the period that your contact details are included on the database of Creative Artists Agency UK Limited. 
In these terms, you are referred to as the “Candidate” and Creative Artists Agency UK Limited is referred to as the “Recruiter.”
1.    The Candidate authorises the Recruiter to seek permanent or fixed-term roles (“Vacancy” or “Vacancies”) with a hirer (e.g. a prospective employer) for the Candidate. 
2.    The Candidate authorises the Recruiter to contact the Candidate from time to time should it have any Vacancies with any hirers that it considers may be of interest to the Candidate. The Candidate will contact the Recruiter from time to time should the Candidate be actively interested in hearing about any Vacancies that the Recruiter has been instructed by hirers to deal with. For the avoidance of any doubt, in the event that the Candidate accepts an offer and a contract with respect to such a Vacancy, the Candidate would be engaged or employed directly by the hirer (not the Recruiter).
3.    The Candidate may provide the Recruiter with his/her resume/CV at any time. Alternatively, the Candidate may provide the Recruiter with his/her resume/CV on a Vacancy-specific basis.
4.    The Recruiter does not guarantee that the Candidate’s resume/CV will be presented to any hirers. Equally, the Recruiter does not guarantee that the Candidate will be offered engagement or employment by any hirers. Although the Recruiter works discreetly, the Recruiter does not guarantee confidentiality; for instance, the Recruiter does not guarantee that Candidate’s resume/CV will be kept confidential, or that the Candidate’s job search will be kept confidential.
5.    By confirming to the Recruiter, orally or in writing, that the Candidate would like to be put forward as an applicant for a Vacancy, the Candidate is authorising the Recruiter to put his/her resume/CV forward for that Vacancy. The Recruiter will pass the hirer the latest version of the Candidate’s resume/CV that it has on file unless the Candidate specifies in writing to the Recruiter, at the time of confirming that he/she would like to be put forward for the Vacancy, that an alternative resume/CV should be submitted to the hirer for that particular Vacancy. 
6.    The Candidate acknowledges and confirms that: 
a.    his/her resume/CV is true and accurate;
b.    he/she has the qualifications required by law or any professional body to perform the role listed in the Vacancy;
c.    up to date references relating to the Candidate shall be provided to the Recruiter upon request;
d.    he/she shall inform the Recruiter at the time of being put forward for a role of any restrictions (e.g. non-compete or non-solicit post-termination restrictions from a previous employer, a potential conflict of interest) that may impact upon his/her ability to perform the Vacancy should he/she be successful;
e.    a delay in sending his/her resume/CV to the Recruiter may result in the Recruiter no longer being in a position to put the Candidate forward for the Vacancy; 
f.    he/she must immediately inform the Recruiter if the Candidate has contacts within the hirer;
g.    he/she must keep confidential details of the Vacancy and hirer and any terms offered except: a) that the Candidate shall be entitled to discuss the fact of the Vacancy with immediate family as well as financial and legal advisers provided they confirm they will keep such details confidential; b) to the extent such details are already in the public domain; and c) if the Candidate is offered the Vacancy and the Candidate accepts such offer;
h.    if the Recruiter does not regard the Candidate to be suitable for the Vacancy, it shall not submit his/her resume/CV to the Recruiter;
i.    if the Recruiter has sent the Candidate’s resume/CV to the hirer and the hirer goes on to engage the Candidate directly or indirectly (including but not limited to  via the Candidate’s limited company) within 1 year of his/her resume/CV being submitted, the Recruiter shall be entitled to charge the hirer a fee according to its terms with the hirer; and
j.    the Candidate has read and agrees to the Recruiter’s Privacy Policy located here (which may be amended from time to time) to the extent applicable, and such terms shall be incorporated herein.
7.    The Recruiter will not charge the Candidate any fee for its services. Rather, the Recruiter will receive a fee from the hirer.
8.    If information comes to the Recruiter’s attention within 3 months of its introduction of the Candidate to the hirer that indicates the Candidate may be unsuitable for the position in which the Candidate has been engaged by or employed by that hirer, the Recruiter is under a legal duty to inform the hirer of that information without delay.
9.    The Candidate’s use of the Recruiter’s services after receipt of these terms constitutes the Candidate’s agreement to these terms.
10.    These terms reflect the entire understanding between the Recruiter and the Candidate regarding the terms of their dealings with one another.  These terms supersede any and all prior agreements, either verbal or in writing, between the parties with respect to their relationship.  The Candidate acknowledges that no representation, inducement, promise or agreement, verbally or otherwise has been made by the Recruiter, or anyone acting on behalf of the Recruiter, which is not stated in these terms.  No other agreement, statement or promise will be valid or binding.  
11.    The Candidate can bring these terms to an end without suffering any detriment or penalty. The Candidate shall confirm in writing to the Recruiter (via email to that the Candidate wants his/her contact details to be removed from the Recruiter’s database and that he/she wishes these terms to end. Upon receipt of such notification, these terms will immediately cease to apply. 
12.    These terms are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

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